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The Black sea, the Flood and the Ancient Myths

ISBN: 954- 579-335-X
АВТОР: Dimitar Dimitrov

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...written in Bulgarian by the distinguished father and son team of oceanographers, Petko and This banner text can have markup ... Full text of "Black Sea Flood and Ancient Myths" ... .. web; books; video; audio; software; images; Toggle navigation This discussion explores the intersection of chaos and writing in the context of the Eridu Genesis, a Sumerian cuneiform text dating back to the 18th century BC and containing three narratives : the Creation of humankind, the building of cities, and a flood myth. Researchers analyze the extent to which conceptions of chaos, found in this text, recount the Black Sea deluge that scien ... 11 Astounding Facts About The Black Sea - Myths About The ... ... . Researchers analyze the extent to which conceptions of chaos, found in this text, recount the Black Sea deluge that scientists agree ... And while this theory has its skeptics, in 2000, the foundations of ancient buildings were found along the Black Sea's pre-flood shoreline, 12 miles (19.3 kilometers) off the Turkish Black Sea coast, somewhat adding credence to this idea. However, when we do a little more probing the bottom falls out of this fringe theory and if this scientific study proves anything related to the legendary ... Photo of ancient sculpture submerged beneath the Red Sea. (Flickr/ CC BY-SA 2.0 ) In a study published in Current Anthropology (December 2010), titled "New Light on Human Prehistory in the Arabo-Persian Gulf Oasis," Jeffrey Rose, an archaeologist and researcher with the United Kingdom's University of Birmingham, pointed out that sixty highly advanced settlements arose out of nowhere ... A flood myth or deluge myth is a myth in which a great flood, usually sent by a deity or deities, destroys civilization, often in an act of divine retribution.Parallels are often drawn between the flood waters of these myths and the primaeval waters which appear in certain creation myths, as the flood waters are described as a measure for the cleansing of humanity, in preparation for rebirth. These stories are generally taken as myths or morality tales, but scientists have now found evidence that a great flood did occur in the region of the Black Sea about 7,000 years ago. Evidence for a Flood Sediment layers suggest that 7,500 years ago Mediterranean water roared into the Black Sea This SeaWiFS view reveals the colourful interplay of currents on the sea's surface ... The Black sea, the Flood and the Ancient Myths ⚫ от Dimitar Dimitrov 【Славянско дружество】 954- 579-335-X Купете сега от онлайн книжарница Сиела Безплатна доставка над 40 лв. Translation of ancient cuneiform tablets discovered in the 19th century suggests the Mesopotamia Flood may have been an antecedent of Noah's flood mentioned in the bible. The ancient Sumerian Nippur tablet is believed to describe the oldest account of the Great Flood and the creation of both humans and animals on Earth. One of the main driving forces behind the idea of an ancient great Black Sea flood, also called the Black Sea deluge hypothesis, is research conducted in 1996 by two Columbia University marine geologists by the names of Dr. William B. F. Ryan and Dr. Walter C. Pitman III. The classic example is the Babylonian epic of Gilgamesh, but there are flood stories among the ancient Greeks, Romans, Chinese and even the Irish. 15 Although a long stretch of the imagination, it may be possible to envisage these legends originating from the Black Sea flood some 7,000 years ago. Most Egyptologists will tell you that there is no Egyptian flood myth. Certainly, there is no equivalent to the world-destroying deluge tales found in some other cultures. Part of the reason for this is that the annual Nile inundation was viewed a... The Flood in the Black Sea - Science and Mythology. Article (PDF Available) · August 2006 ... book "The Black Sea, the Flood and the ancient myths" - "Only the o ne . The Black Sea Flood Question, Springer, p. 999,ISBN 978-1-4020-4774-9 · Shopov Y. Y., Т. Yalamov, P. Dimitrov, D. Dimitrov and B. Shkodrov (2009b) Initiation of the Migration of Vedic Aryans to India by a Catastrophic Flooding of the Black Sea by Mediterranean Sea during the Holocene." The Flood was in Black Sea. Almost 30 years after the first provocative results related finding in the Black Sea at a depth of 93 m in the remains of a Neolithic settlement and problematic ......